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Presenting a GM&OHS Kadee PS-1 Collaboration in HO Scale

The Special GM&O 56000-series, 50-foot red PS-1, which the Society is producing in conjunction with Kadee are here. If you have any questions, contact project coordinator, Ken Donnelly.

There was a silver lining to the delay we were experiencing.  We were able to make a small adjustment to our order from Kadee, and have eight additional sets (the 56010, Return to Springfield and the 56125 Return to Montgomery) to offer. Additionally we have seven of the 56010, Return to Springfield PS-1. Get yours now!

< Original Set Description >

The GM&O purchased 200 non-DF 50 foot boxcars from Pullman-Standard in August of 1961, numbering them in the 56000-56199 series. They were boxcar red with very little graphics other than the famous arched lettering and reporting marks. From then until the 1972 GM&O-IC merger, most of these cars remained intact hauling general merchandise for the railroad throughout the United States. For a select few, however, there was an upgrade to DF status in 1969 at the Bloomington Shops. There, the cars had interior belt rails installed, were painted bright red with a large DF in the lower left corner and a big set of GM&O wings placed on the right side of the car.

During the past decade, Kadee has produced various GM&O incarnations of the famed PS-1 boxcar in brown and green, but now, in conjunction with the GM&OHS, this attractive variation in the GM&O PS-1 fleet can also be included on your HO scale layout. This car was the subject of GM&OHS Car No. 6, but the Robins Rail PS1 was used, and while the model itself was passable, the graphics were not.

This absolutely accurate offering comes in two road numbers, 56010 (return to Springfield) and 56125 (return to Montgomery), and is fully assembled--ready to run complete with Kadee couplers and metal wheels. The two car set is yours for the great price of $65.00 postage paid (Kadee will release two additional road numbers later in 2013, but at an MSRP of $37.95 each).  With only 60 sets being produced for our preferential offering, do not delay in getting your order in!  This is a great way to save some money, and also benefit the Society.




The final installment of our GM&O News CD project is 87% complete, but we need help with locating the remaining issues needed to finish our 1940's set of CD's. 

Persons that contribute needed issues to be scanned* will receive a FREE set of the 1940's discs when the project is completed.

Click on the image at left for a list of issues still needed, and if one or more are something you can provide, please contact the Secretary*All issues will be returned after scanning.



The Second Installment of our release of the Original Issues of the GM&O News on CD!

We continue to make the first draft of history of the Gulf Mobile & Ohio railroad accessible to members with the release of this single CD which contains all 44 issues of the  official company newsletter from the 1960 and 1970.

The News became a leaner publication in the 1960, reflecting the no nonsense approach that management was taking in pursuing ambitious new business opportunities. The focus was clearly on getting the word out that the GM&O was moving forward and that it was a force to be reckoned with.

Fully illustrated, the GM&O News provides excellent background and reference information used by our own GM&OHS authors.  This CD contains everything from 1960 up until the merger in 1972, and illustrates the progress of the railroad like nothing else can.

Expand your library of the GM&O News with this single disc for $15.00 postage paid*.

*International members contact the Secretary prior to ordering for necessary shipping amount.





GM&OHS News Back Issues

Over the past 37 years the GM&OHS has published over 2600 pages of our flagship publication, the GM&OHS News.  This high-quality photo journal features in-depth articles on just about every facet of the GM&O and its predecessors.  Each issue is packed with exhaustively researched articles and photographs of GM&O people, railroad operations and equipment, drawings, maps and timetable reproductions.  Back Issues are a superior resource for model railroaders and historians alike.

Our top-rated photo magazine is printed on glossy stock in an 11x8.5" horizontal format designed to compliment large photo reproduction.  The GM&OHS News is provided as a benefit of membership.

Back-issues are available in EXTREMELY limited quantities, so don't delay if a particular issue is something you need for your library.

In addition to back issues of the News, we have supplies of our beautiful Full-Color Calendars for the years 2003, 2004, and 2005 available.  The full page images in each make attractive framed prints, at a bargain price.


CD Back Issues

The Society is pleased to now provide long-out-of-print issues of the News in digital format.  Invaluable information found in our earliest issues is once again available, at a spectacular price.  Currently, 16 volumes are offered covering issues 1 through 95.  An Introductory Photo Disc, created from the superb photography found in past Society calendars, is also available.   See why the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad was so unique and special.


News Indexes

Each index contains detailed descriptions of the contents found within issues of the NEWS, accompanied by thumbnail photos of the magazine covers.  This FREE resource is divided into sections which correspond to our CD Back Issues discs and continues beyond those issues in the same manner to reduce wait times when viewing.  Also present, is a text-only version of the complete chronological index.



New and continuing members can now pay their annual dues online through PayPal.  One need not have an established account with PayPal to use this service.  An opportunity to create a PayPal account will be offered during checkout, but is not required. 


Society Special Run Cars

The Society proudly offers fine custom produced, limited run cars in HO scale.  Highly accurate body styles and lettering are cornerstones of our popular model offerings.  We are now up to our 35th release.  Recently, the first N scale offering in our program's history was released, with others to hopefully follow.


Full Color Lithograph

“A Moment In Time…4:55 at St. Louis” is a beautiful print, only available through the Society.  These are numbered, limited edition prints, signed by the artist.  THESE ARE NOW SOLD OUT.


1952 Directory of Industries, Firms and Warehouses CD

A valuable resource for the historian and modeler alike, this CD reproduction of the 1952 Shippers Directory lists all online industries served by the GM&O and Gulf Transport Co. outside of Chicago and St. Louis. 


Original GM&O News Issues on CD

The GM&O Historical Society is pleased to announce its release of the original GM&O News on CD.  Richly illustrated, the GM&O News was a cherished part of being a GM&O employee, and to this day provides excellent background and reference information used by our own GM&OHS authors.  Making the first draft of history of the Gulf Mobile & Ohio railroad accessible to members is an important part of the Society's mission.


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