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Per Issue XIX No. 9, The legal birthday of the GM&O is September 1, 1940 The GM&N and the M&O negotiations took 2.5 years. Some places list 1938 as the birth date. That is incorrect.
September 23, 1940
Vol. XIX   No. 9

Missing October 1940
Vol. XIX   No. 10

Missing November 1940
Vol. XIX   No. 11

December 23, 1940
Vol. XIX   No. 12

Missing January 1941
Vol. XX   No. 1

February 15, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 2

Missing March 1941
Vol. XX   No. 3
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April 15, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 4

May 20, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 5

June 16, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 6

July 17, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 7

August 15, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 8

September 22, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 9

October 15, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 10

November 15, 1941
Vol. XX   No. 11

Missing December 1941
Vol. XX   No. 12

January 15, 1942
Vol. XXI   No.1

February 16, 1942
Vol. XXI   No.2

March 20, 1942
Vol. XXI   No.3

Missing April 1942
Vol. XXI   No. 4

Missing May 1942
Vol. XXI   No. 5

June 15, 1942
Vol. XXI   No.6

Missing July 1942
Vol. XXI   No. 7

August 15, 1942
Vol. XXI   No. 8

October 15, 1942
Vol. XXI   No. 10

Missing November 1942
Vol. XXI   No. 11

December 15, 1942
Vol. XXI   No. 12

January 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No. 1

February 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.2

March 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.3

April 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.4

May 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.5

June 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.6

Missing July 1943
Vol. XXII   No.7

August 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No. 8

September 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.9

October 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.10

November 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.11

December 15, 1943
Vol. XXII   No.12

January 15, 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 1

February 15, 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 2

Missing March 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 3

April, 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 4

Missing May 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 5

June 15, 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 6

July 15, 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 7

Missing August 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 8

September 15, 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 9

October 15, 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 10

Missing November 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 11

December 15, 1944
Vol. XXIII   No. 12

January 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 1

February 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 2

Missing March 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 3

April 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 4

May 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 5

Missing June 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 6
July 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 7

August 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 8

September 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 9

October 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 10

November 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 11

December 15, 1945
Vol. XXIV   No. 12

January 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 1

February 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 2

March 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 3

April 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 4

May 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 5

Missing June 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 6

July 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 7

August 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 8

September 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 9

October 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 10

November 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 11

December 15, 1946
Vol. XXV   No. 12

January 17, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 1

February, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 2

March 19, 1947
Vol. XXV   No. 3

April 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 4

April 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 4

April 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 4

May 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 5

June 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 6

July 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 7

August 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 8

September 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 9

October 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 10

November 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 11

December 15, 1947
Vol. XXVI   No. 12

January 15, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 1

February 16, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 2

March 20, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 3

April 15, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 4

May 15, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 5

June 15, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 6

July 19, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 7

August 20, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 8

September 20, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 9

October 15, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 10

November 24, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 11

December 25, 1948
Vol. XXVII   No. 12

January 18, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 1

February 18, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 2

March 29, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 3

April 20, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 4

May 21, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 5

June 15, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 6

July 18, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 7

August 19, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 8

September 19, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 9

October 20, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 10

Missing November 1949
December 15, 1949
Vol. XXVIII   No. 12

January 15, 1950
Vol. XXIX No. 1
To Our Employees
Industrial Department Releases Columbus Survey Report
Passenger Department Schedules "Family Meeting" in St. Louis
Mechanical Department Changes Announced
E. W. Goslee Recalls First Day with the GM&O
Strong Transportation Policy Favoring Use Of Railroads Adopted By Westinghouse
Venice Yard Modernized To Increase Efficiency, Speed Service to Freight Shippers
Gulf Transport Presents Eleven Safety Awards
A Hunting We Will Go ...
A. F. Stephens Addresses Missouri Dairy Club
February 15, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 2
4,426 KB
Bridge Crews Use Fabrication Technique On GM&O′s Pascagoula River Span
President Tigrett Scheduled For Speaking Engagements
Mechanical Officials Hold Annual Meet At Meridian
C. M. House Honored By Southern Railway Club
Flavor Of The Old South Re-Lived In Columbus Pilgrimage Celebration
Spring Brings Increased Tractor, Farm Implement Movements to GM&O Freights GM&O Scholarships
"GM&O Wife" Writes Interesting Story About Dieselization Program At Slater, Missouri
March 15, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 3
4,306 KB
Hospital Association To Bear Half Of Prescription Costs
President Tigrett and Board Of Directors Make Annual Report To Stockholders
GM&O Honors Illinois Agricultural Leaders
Stephens Also Addresses Lincoln, Ill., Retailers
The Day′s Results
Highest Masonic Honor Received By Mobile Accountant
No Greater Asset Then Efficient, Loyal Employe in 1949
Railroad - Labor Management Conference Stresses Courtesy ... Service
Alton Plans Restoration Of Famous Landmark
Safe Drivers
Hostesses at Home
Notable Passengers On GM&O During Month Of February
Damaged Shipment Mean Dissatisfied Customers...
Conductor Assists Passenger In Return Of Lost Billfold
Along the Line
Our Freight Business
April 19, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 4
4,698 KB
Chief Engineer Begins 3,000-Mile Safety Drive
Board Of Directors Tour Southern End Of System
R. E. Stevenson Elected Vice President Of Company
Major Locomotive Repair For Eastern Division To Be Handled In Shop
Trouble! Trouble! Trouble!
GM&O Employee Raises "Future Fur Coats"
In Russia - 48-Week Shifts
Vice President Martin Addresses Rail Groups
New Equipment Ordered
Springfield Lincoln Shrine
Military School Commandant Has Rare Gun Collection At Western Academy
Railroad Wife Praises GM&O Service, Courtesy
Gulf Transport Superintendent Killed In Auto Accident
Retired Engineer Recalls Early Days Of GM&O
Transportation By Taxation
Agency Changes Announced At 7 GM&O Stations
′Hobo Basket′ Travels Via GM&O From Kansas City To Chicago
Retired Switchman Writes From California Vacationland
Tuscaloosa Supervisor Boasts Outstanding Safety Record
Stamp Honoring Rail Engineers To Be Issued April 29
Wild West Steer Invades GM&O Chicago Yard
Retired Dispatcher Dies In Tucson
Along the Line
How Long Do Railroaders Live?
The Tax Bite ...
Toledo Stockholder Compliments GM&O
Our Freight Business
Engineer′s Were Warned In 1880 To Stop Trains to Save Stock
May 19, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 5
4,349 KB
Mobile Chamber Elects G. P. Brock President
Railroad Ask National Transportation Policy With Regard To Long-Haul Truck Operation
Jackson Celebrates "Casey" Jones Day
  Railroad Presidents Attend Ceremonies For Legendary Engineer
  Six-Chime Whistle Sang Casey Jones′ Song Of The Jo He Loved
  Brother-In-Law of Casey Jones Served On GM&O As Engineer
Rail Chiefs At Jackson
U. S. Postal Stamp Honors All Railroad Men
GM&O Directors and Staff Officers Make Inspection Trip Over Southern Division Line
GM&O Legal Department Performs Many And Varied Services For Railroad
2 Promotions Announced By Legal Department
Mrs. Evert Named Women′s Personnel Director
If Peoria Phone Lines Busy Blame Th Bradley Braves
Rail oddities
W. M. Smothers Dies In St. Louis
GM&O Employes Train With Air Force Reserve
GM&O Speakers Stress Nationalization Threat
Promotion Announced For R. L. Lanigan
She Adds Glamour To Railroad And Nimble Touch To The ′Bug′
Our Freight Business
Thomas B. DeNeefe Dies Following Auto Accident
June 19, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 6
4,297 KB
Hobo Basket Completes GM&O Run; $1,073 Collected From Northern Region
R. E. McGinn Named St. Louis Industrial Agent
August Top Vacation Month - GM&O′s The Way To Go
Ruberoid Opens New Felt Mill On GM&O At Mobile
AAR Establishes Laboratory For Railroad Research
Fred L. Johnson Speaks To South eastern Claim Group
GM&O To Sponsor 4-H Club Leaders Camp
S. A. Robert Named To Committee Of Agriculture By U. S. Chamber of Commerce
New Type GM&O Pulpwood Cars Exhibited In Mobile; First Of An Order Of 100 Constructed In Company Shops
E. B. Farrel Completes Fifty Years Of Service
Miss Phelps Writes
Engineering Officials Complete Safety Trip
W. J. Wall Honored
You Can′t Escape Inflation!
Inside Track?
Story of Two Terminals
Along the Line
Our Freight Business
Bemis, Tenn., Celebrates Half Century Of Growth
July 19, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 7
4,601 KB
New Pullman Cars Get Official Inspection: First One To Be Delivered In July
500 New Freight Cars Purchased By Railroad; Dividends Declared
Operations Begin On New Cairo Track
Four Win Promotions In Traffic Department
Sounders Save Shriner On Tardy Departure
Group Insurance Rates Reduced - Medical Examinations Waived; Now′s The Time...
Large Grain Elevator For GM&O At Lincoln
Baseball Fans Ride Rebel To See St. Louis Game
Betty Lou Adds Train′s Crew To Her Long List Of Friends
Kansas City Traffic Men Enjoy Fishing Outing
A Book That Gathers No Dust
What Do You Know?
A Tale of Two Roads
Emperor of the Rockies
Can the railroads continue to buck subsidized competition?
GM&O Host At Leadership Seminar
The Ticket Agent
Along the Line
Freight Receipts Department
H. O. Wolfe Named Chairman Of AAR Purchasing Group
The Line Forms Here
High Cost of Eating
Mrs. Elvert Helps Choose Miss Hospitality in Miss.
Industrial Department Issues Cairo Survey Report
Our Freight Business
August 15, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 8
3,694 KB
GM&O Leases "D-F" Cars Under New Prudential Plan
New Ore Docks Planned On GM&O In Mobile
What We Are Doing About The Freight Car Shortage
Deliveries Begin On New Diesel Units
Sea-Gull&s Welfare State
Some "Behind The Scenes" Information About Aims and Results of Railroad Hour
What Do You Know?
Ralston Purina Dedicates New Feed Mill; Located On GM&O Line At Bloomington
Accounting Official Dies In Mobile
President Tigrett Pays Visit To Far West Traffic Offices
Came West To Collect Dollar
Humorous "Crisis" Of M&O Merger Days Recounted At Dallas
GM&O Is Developing, Not Expanding...
S. A. Robert Addresses Mississippi Conservation Group
Former Employe Writes
Faithful Women Employes Boast 44 Years′ Service
Excellent Cooperation
Along the Line
Commends Hostess Service
B. V. Bodie Addresses Auburn Rotary Club
Miss White Inspects Car Named In Her Father′s Honor
Rail and Highway Overloads
1400 Employes Apply For Group Insurance
Or Freight Business
September 15, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 9
4,470 KB
Outstanding Award For Safety Won By GM&O In National Competition
Vice-President Martin Speaks Before Ripley Rotary Club
Who Names The Pullman Cars And Why - And How?
Son Of Well Known GM&O Man Joins Railroad As Assistant In Agriculture & Forestry Dept.
In The Service Of Their Country
Winners Named In Tuscaloosa Timber Project
Broken Rail Causes Serious Freight Wreck
Signalman Sends History Of GM&O In Joliet
Brown Shoe Co, Locates Large Plant At Trenton
Dude Ranch Is Latest Addition To Mississippi Cattle Country
We Realize The Value Of Our Friends Who Live Along The Line
Rail Contest Winner Honored For 4-H Work
Farm Families Hold Third Reunion At Springfield
Kansas Citian Suggests Wartime Slogan For Three Initials - GMO
Railroad Sponsored Community Program For War Veterans Grows In Tennessee
Chicago Tribune Tells Of Early GM&O President
Two Changes Made In Traffic Dept.
GM&O Train Personnel Thanked For Assisting At Time Of Illness
Educational Institute Honors Former Accounting Employe
Along the Line
Clippings From The Press
Rail Transport, Military Asset
Landmarks Through The Years
Our Freight Business
British Rail Bulletin Features GM&O Activities
October 16, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 10
4.567 KB
Harriman Safety Awards Presented For 1949
New Route Sought For GM&O Birmingham Trains
Work Begun On History Of GM&O Development
Mississippians Honor Dr. T. F. Kilpatrick On 58 Years Of Service To State
Gulf Safety Awards
Standard Oil Features GM&O In Radio Commercial
Rail Magazine Tells Of GM&O Diesel Tests
The Building Is Closed For The Nght But Cleaners Have Full "Day&s" Work
GM&O′s First Woman Telegraph Operator Tells Of Early Experiences
Unusual Industry Locates On GM&O At Mobile
Miller′s News Letter Quotes GM&O Freight Car Policy
Broken Rail Discovered By Bethel Springs Attorney
Railroad Facts
Stately Southern Mansion Famed GM&O Landmark
Federal Subsidies For Air Carriers
Miami Commercial Agent Scores Hole-In-One
What Do You Know?
Our Freight Business
News From The General Office
November 16, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 11
4,238 KB
Some Facts You Should Know About Freight Car Supply Of Railroads
Two New Industries Locate On GM&O
Two 50-Year Machinists Awarded Certificates
Winners Named As Negro Happier Living Contest Ends Second Year
Section Worker′s Daughter Wins Second Award In State
Test Highway Proves Damage Caused By Heavy Loads
Mobile Baker, Passenger On Rebel Tells How News Rolls Discovered By Chance
60 Year-Old Structure Has Interesting History
Illinois Central Begins Rebuilding Of Ohio River Bridge At Cairo; GM&O...
Springfield Operator Writes Of Early River Crossings
GM&O Helps Employees Solve Problems
Clippings From The Press
Along The Line
Claim Agent′s Son Dies In Naval Accident
J. C. Simmons Addresses Six Civic Clubs
GM&O Conductor Praised By New Orleans Pastor
Our Freight Business
December 15, 1950
Vol. XXIX  No. 12
3,191 KB
A Christmas Thought
Directors Approve Purchase Of $8,000,000 In New Equipment; Declare Common Stock Dividend
Christmas Greeting
Fred W. Johnson Elected Assistant Vice President
Sending Telegrams Made Easier For Railroad Passengers
Rules Car Teaches Safety Practices To GM&O Train Service, Yard Personnel
Passenger Furniture Gets "Face-Lifting" In Bloomington Upholstery Shops
Aluminum Foils Opens Jackson, Tennessee Plant
Union Asbestos And Rubber Company Leases GM&O′s Bloomington Locomotive Shop Building
Mexico Festival Group Names Soy Bean Queen; Winner Awarded Tour Of Gulf Deep South
Laurel Surgeon Dies; Served GM&O 30 Years
First Of 300 Flat Cars Roll From Assembly Line In GM&O Shops
Clippings From The Press
Alton Force Celebrates Freight House Centennial
Railroad Hour Praises Increasing Efficiency
Our Freight Business
January 15, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 1
3,493 KB
Old Year and New
Survivor Annuitants Must Report Additional Types of Employment
Packing Company Located On GM&O At Columbus
Brownsville, Texas Band Chooses GM&O For Trip
Retired Employes Comment On New GM&O Rule Book
To The Stockholders
Let Us Know
Flagman's Quick Thinking Averts Serious Accident
You Figure The Odds
Statistical Section Keeps Traffic Department Informed Of Freight Movements
Clippings From The Press
GM&O Friends Along The Line Aid In Safe, Efficient Service
Stage Coaches, Rail Construction Camps Give Names To Two GM&O Towns
Train Hits Cow, It's Cow's Fault
Railroad Facts
Employe's Cheer-Up Club Completes Third Year
Well-Known Red Cap, Guest On "Welcome Travelers" Show
Our Freight Business
Chamber of Commerce Magazine Lauds Kansas City Railroads
Railroad's Productive Capacity Essential To National Defense
What Do You Know?
In The Service
Dear Mr. Tigrett
February 16, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 2
3,670 KB
Delivery Begins On 200 Wide-Door Box Cars
Trains Magazine Films Coach Travel Story
Gulf Safety Awards
"Ham" Operators Furnish Communications For Southern Region During Big Freeze
T. M. Gallen Dies In Tampa Florida
Rushes To See Train, Cuts Arm
Early GM&O Train Made Aviation History As "Navigator" For Cross-Country Flight
Venice Employe Aids Salvation Army Work
Dear Mr. Tigrett
Two Neighbor Railroads Celebrate 100th Anniversaries
"Sky Pilot Of The Rails Interred In Columbia, Miss.
Handy Ma To Travelers - GM&O's Passenger Agent
Old Passes Recall Early GM&O Days
Ripley Trade Day
Along The Line
Our Freight Business
Flower Show Set For March In St. Louis
What Do You Know?
In The Service Of Their Country
March 16, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 3
3,355 KB
University Professors And GM&O Heads Hold Transportation Seminar
"Mister Hat" Describes Advantages Of Wearing "Cigar-Case" Head Gear
Easter Bunny Makes Fourth Trip On Rebel
Professors Attending Railroad Seminar
in 1950
First Presidential Car Used Over Alton In Funeral Train
New Warehouse Locates On GM&O At Mexico
Browning Rides The C & A
What Is Job Security
Rural Youth, Corn And Soybean Winners Named By Railroad
GM&O Makes Illinois Awards During Farm Week
Similar Projects Help Improve Living Conditions And Timber Preservation
Chemurgic Digest Outlines Aid To Rail Territory By GM&O
Old Friends Meet, Part On GM&O As Schoolmate Relieves Schoolmate
Along The Line
New Hostess Describes Important Things In Life
Dear Sir
1950 GM&O Loss & Damage Claims $864,911; Careful Worker Best Antidote
Our Freight Business
April 17, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 4
3,478 KB
New TCI Ore Handling Facility Begun At Mobile
Annual Stockholders Meeting Held In Mobile Followed By Directors Meeting In St. Louis
You May Buy U. S. Savings Bonds By Payroll Deductions
GM&O News Editor Now Major In U. S. Air Force
Rail Operations Continued Despite Southern Floods
Here's How Operating Department Solved High Water Transportation Puzzle
News At A Glance
Nothing Slow About This Molasses
Verona Depot Going To Work For The Lord
Dear Sir
In The Service
Escuela Agricola Pan-American Commendations
Our Freight Business
May 15, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 5
3,733 KB
Every Day Is Mother's Day On The GM&O
GM&O Trio Assist Youth In Career Guidance
Trucks And Rails
Trains Magazine Does Story On Ann Rutledge
Warm Reception Is On Ice Awaiting Honor Guest
Bob Puff, Wins Scholarship In St. Louis Competition
Chemurgy New Word; But GM&O Has Been Practicing Theory For Many Years
Company Hospital Wins Award For Most Modern Kitchen
Helpful Hints To Prospective Hospital Patients
Paging Conductor Joffrion
Son Of GM&O Employe Receives PHD Degree
Farnell Furniture Factory
"Engine Tamer" Takes Back Seat
Jackson Group Holds Claims Prevention Meet
News At A Glance
GM&O Employee Leaves RR To Enter Ministry
Along the Line
Professor Compliments GM&O
Our Freight Business
Regrettable Accident
June 15, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 6
3,607 KB
Passenger Department Announces Five Promotions
Mr. J. J. Henry Is Ill
Vice-President Brock Re-elected C. of C. Head
G M & O Agents Attend AAR Meeting
New GM&O Office Address In Cincinnati
Prime Osborn Is Man Of The Month For Alabama Jaycees
Investor's Reader Reviews GM&O In June Issue
St. Louis Traveler's Aid Celebrate Centennial
Dear Sirs
Former County Winner Receives Sweepstakes Award In GM&O Contest
Dear Mr. Tigrett
Dixieland Is Back In Style
Rebel Participates In School Closing
Along the Line
Our Freight Business
July 15, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 7
3,503 KB
GM&O Director Honored By New Orleans Civic Organizations For Community Service
Automobile Parts Company Plans To Build In Union City
GM&O In Saturday Evening Post Ad
Winning Transportation Essay Offers Food For Thought
The Carmodys Take To Railroading
Railroad Retirement Board Gives Data On Sickness Benefit
GM&O Employe's Son Selected Camp's Outstanding Soldier
Seven Mile Man-Made Lake At Mobile Will Afford Water Supply For Industrial Expansion
President Tigrett Makes Inspection Trip On Western Division
Vice-President Tibor Ill
Assistant Vice-President Lapp And Associates Visit Mr. Tigrett On Car 50 In Kansas City
Better Farm Home Winners Express Enthusiasm Over Results Accomplished
News At A Glance
Rural Youth Leaders Attend GM&O Camp
Along The Line
Railway Conductor Recounts Trip Of First Pullman Car
General Agent Henry Passes Away In New Orleans
Mississippi Public Service Commission
Refuses To File Claim Because His Cows Were Out Of Place, Not Train
Our Freight Business
August 15, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 8
3,702 KB
GM&O Orders 250 Hopper Cars For Transport Of Ore From T. C. I. Facilities
B. V. Bodie Named Chief Engineer At Mobile
The Mystery Of The Wandering Double Track
2,400 Retired GM&O Railroad Employees Drawing Annuities
A New Page In Industrial Relations Book
Gulf Transport Company Has New Garage In Saint Louis
Division Freight Traffic Mgr. O. D. Penniman Passes In Mobile
New At A Glance
Miller Former Mayor of Laurel
Mrs. Elvert Is In Hospital
"Railroad Rose" On GM&O Diners Has Charitable Origin ...
Some Safety Don't For The Public
Along the Line
Pullman News Introduces GM&O Ticket Agent Clooney of Bloomington
The Mail Train
In The Service
Former GM&O Employe Participates In Army Educational Program
Our Freight Business
September 15, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 9
3,749 KB
Missouri River is Always Near Our Door -
GM&O's Annual Report Wins Highest Merit Award
Youth Program Fosters Widespread Timber Reforestation
We'll Pay Our Own Way
Promotions Are Made In Sales & Service Personnel
The Mail Train
At Least You Could See Them Coming
Pictures Tell Story Of Flood Rehabilitation
Lost - Watch Charm
GM&O Moves Its Chicago Freight House To Brighton Park Yards
We Lose An Old Friend
News At A Glance
Attorney Carroll Prince Retires
Railway Business Women's Association Is Organized In Mobile
GM&O Honored By Emory University In Georgia Along the Line...
$2,000,000 Grain Elevator In Mobile Expected To Benefit GM&O
GM&O Employes Participate In Macoupin County Fair
Our Freight Business
GM&O Bowling League Organized In Mobile
October 15, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 10
3,717 KB
GM&O Wins Certificate For Outstanding Safety Record
Gulf Transport Company Enters Memphis, Tennessee
GM&O Employes Hold 25 Terminal Meetings Monthly To Reduce Freight Damage
He Has The Right Idea
The Mail Train
Railroad Buys Independence Land For Industrial Expansion
Chance And Effort Bring Czech T America
C. E. Norris Retires From Company At Peoria
Oldest Railroad Retirement Annuitant 101 Years Old
Thousands Enjoy Recreational Center - Results Of Efforts Of Two GM&O Men
Local Agents On Dwight Line Enjoy All Day Picnic
News At A Glance
Modern Methods Speed Cleaning Of GM&O Coaches
Alcorn County, Miss. Has Forestry Emphasis Month
"Jest Pie", But Good
In The Service
Along the Line...
Sinclair's Office Is In San Francisco - Not Los Angles
In The Life Of A Hostess
Our Freight Business
People You Meet On Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
November 15, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 11
3,655 KB
Two Hundred Pulp Wood Cars To Be Added To Growing Fleet
Retired GM&O Employes Will Receive 30% Increase In Retirement Benefits
Three New Locomotives Go Into Service
Winston St. John Named Supt., Southern Division;
W. F. Selph Made Tuscaloosa Trainmaster
Employe's Daughter Is Morale Builder In Korea
In the Service
Railroads Are "In The Service"
Free Men Send The Light
Traffic Department Announces New Commercial Agents For St. Louis
Cupid At Work At G. M. & O. Farm Family Reunion
G. M. & O.'s Glenn Yard In Chicago Handles Thousand Cars Daily
News At A Glance
Friends Honor C. E. Norris At Retirement
General Office "Chit Chat"
500 GM&O Employes Have Pennsylvania Alma Mater
How Many Bananas In A Trainload?
Forestry Winner Treats Pine Trees As Crop
The Mail Train
Train Porter Makes Friend For Company
L. C. Spencer Dies At Montgomery
Our Freight Business
Thanksgiving Day - To Our Friends Along The Line
December 20, 1951
Vol. XXX  No. 12
2,862 KB
A Christmas Wish
GM&O Directors Meet; Declare Dividends and Approve Equipment Expenditures
Public Co-operates In Reducing Train Losses
Passenger Department Staff Meeting Held In St. Louis
Roster Of G.M.&O.-N.O.G.N. Directors
C. M. House Is Honored By Railway Club
Booming Business In Oyster Stew Expected On GM&O Dining Cars
The Mail Train
Railroad And Rural Youth Work Together To Provide Scholarship
News At A Glance
Along The Line
Jimmy Doolittle: Railroader And G. I.
New Pulpwood Consolidation Yard Idea On GM&O Making History For Industry
Eisenhower "Quotes" on Human Relations
Jackson, Tenn. Force Busy Rehabilitating After Shop Fire
Pre-Civil War Document Owned By Retired Employe
Chicago Railroads Honored For Their Efforts
Four New Hostesses For GM&O Streamliners
Two Promotions Made In Operating Department
Our Freight Business
January 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 1
3,720 KB
Visitors Arrive In Mobile Via GM&O Rebel For Post-Season Senior Bowl Game
Passenger Schedules Revised Between St. Louis And Mobile
It's As Simple As That
GM&O Section Foreman And Son Receive Illinois Central Medal
Rankin File Passenger Trains: Way Of The Stagecoach?
GM&O Offers Citizenship Awards To Explorer Scouts Of West Tennessee
Gulf Transport Constructs New Highway Post-Office Cars
Ingenious Operation At Springfield Has Special "Voice" For Safety
Along The Line
News At A Glance
In The Service
GM&O Is Well Represented At Fort Custer Michigan
Century Old Document
Assistant Chief Engineer Carothers Suggest Timely Prayer For New Year
A. C. Tricou Named Head Of Transportation In New Orleans
Ten Commandments Underlie Foundation Of American Prosperity
GM&O Men Represent Mobile Jaycees On Breakfast Club Program
GM&O Rate Clerk Wins Award In Korea
Son Of GM&O Employe Receives $3,500 Fellowship
The Caboose
Our Freight Business
Odd Numbers Went North In 1888
People Behind Scenes Help Keep The Trains Moving
February 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 2
3,902 KB
Azalea Trail Opens In Mobile, Alabama
Good Manners Mean Good Business!
Railroading Run In The Family With The Sperdutos
Moloney Promoted
Along The Line
Production of 300 Gondolas Will Begin In March
Rural Youth Achievements Earn Scholarships In Seven Counties
GM&O Jr. Gives Ideas To Junior; Makes Trouble For Dad
News At Glance
He Got The Raise
A Boss Versus A Leader
Christmas Aftermath
Waybill Twelve Feet Long Issued In 1929
Thank God For America
Miss Burney Is F. B. I. Tennis Champion
Laurel Mississipi Named For Laurel Trees
Twenty-One Attend Safety Meeting At Corinth
Our Freight Business
Along The Louisiana Division Of The G.M.&O
March 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 3
3,828 KB
Mississippi Committee Of Newman Society Honors President Tigrett And Railroad
Increased Alumnia Output Predicted In Mobile
GM&O In National News
Students Use G.-T. Bus To Capital
Transloading Saves Shipper Time And Money
T. B. Peake Is Elected President Of Oklahoma Traffic Club
The Editors Say:
A Railroad Saga
Along The Line
Members Of GM&O Family Star In Mobile Mardi Gras Court
News At A Glance
St. Louis Office Honors Miss O'Dell
Over Six Hundred Fish
Iron Men Of "The Roundhouse"
Reminiscences Of A Former Employe
Corn And Soybean Winners Top Last Year's Record
Her Fan Mail Grows!
Railroad Son Honored At Jackson, Tennessee
"A Railroad Man's Prayer"
Our Freight Business
April 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 4
3,691 KB
GM&O Net Decrease Despite Total Revenue Gain
Vice-President Brock And Chief Engineer Bodie Participate In Career Day
Traffic Department Promotions
Railway Women's Club Honors Mr. and Mrs. Tigrett
Gulf Transport Makes Safety Awards
Vice-President Martin Speaks At Independence
District Storekeeper T. S. Edgell Dies
GM&O Agent Has Newspaper 144 Years Old
R. T. McKenzie Is Named District Storekeeper
GM&O Continues To Emphasize Scrap Drive
The Mail Train
GM&O Starts Tractors On Their Way
... In 1951
News At A Glance
Bob Kelley Appointed Freight Traffic Agent
"Mr. Charlie" Has Represented GM&O For 55 Years
Shades Of William Shakespeare!
In The Service
Prayer Of West Tennessee Student
Along The Line
Golden Gloves Champions Ride Abraham Lincoln
GM&O Introduced To New-Comers At St. Louis
Our Freight Business
May 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 5
3,929 KB
Directors Inspect Western Division; Hold Board Meeting In Kansas City
President Tigrett Interviewed
Railroad Saddened To Learn Death Of Retired V-President
Dividends On Stock Declared; All Officers Re-elected
White Flag Denoted Special Train
Pontotoc County Wins Better Homes Contest
Gulf Transport Safety Awards
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad Directors
New Orleans Great Northern Railroad Directors
Still True Today
GM&O Employe Sees Service In Korea
News At A Glance
Gregory And Kelly Are Promoted In Traffic Department Changes
New Silver-Side Buses Go Into Service For Gulf Transport Company
The Mail Train
Girl Scouts Visit Illinois Capitol, Lincoln's Home
Champion Athlete In Accounting Department
Carriers Win Contest;
C. M. House Addresses Safety Meeting
Take Trip On Rebel
Company Hospital President Honored
Traffic Representative Wins "Theme Song" Prize
Our Freight Business
General Office "Chit Chat"
June 16, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 6
3,944 KB
New Molasses Movement Through Mobile G. M. & O. Facilities
GM&O Industrial Executive Tells Plant Location Requirements
Charles H. Dege Dies
Smith And Seals Appointed Trainmasters
GM&O Freight Cars Do Get About
Better Farm Home Winners
New Plant Served By Gulf Transport Company Going "Great Guns"
Some Facts About Coverage Under Railroad Retirement Plan
Tamms, Illinois
News At A Glance
Meet the men who sell GM&O
Tragic Accident Takes Life Of Drew Villar
The Mail Train
Along the Line...
Outstanding Graduates In GM&O Families
Our Freight Business

July 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 7
3,594 KB
Our Rails Busy To Convention City
Dividends Declared And New Equipment Approved
Supt. Conerly Improving
GM&O Traffic Men Elected In New Orleans Club
Lets Get Together
President Tigrett Honored By Line University
Clippings From The Press
GM&O Man Elected To Board of PSAAR
In The Service
High School Band Charters Gulf Transport Buses For Trip To Mexico City
GM&O's New Train Ambassadors
News At A Glance
Along The Line
Psalm For Sunday
Veteran GM&O Employe Celebrates Golden Wedding
We'll Take The Check
Mobile Gets Rigged For Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo In August
Unemployment Insurance Changes
Jaycess Like G. T.
Railroad Loses Valued Employe
Traffic Dept. Announces Promotions in Birmingham Office
Allis Chalmers Directors Ride GM&O
Line Was Longest Haul In America In 1881
Bon Voyage, Miss Malone
Our Freight Business
August 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 8
3,567 KB
A. B. Paterson, G M & O Director Passes Away In New Orleans
Presidential Nominee Adlai Stevenson Makes Initial Campaign Trip On Ann Rutledge
E. A. Hynes is Appointed General Freight Agent, St. Louis
Success Story
Luncheon Honors Chartrand On Retirement
Fellow Workers Present Remembrance Clock
Bloomington, Illinois
      Only Known Traveling Freight House On Line Was Built In 1886
      Bloomington Is Division Point For Operating Department
      New Communications Tower
      Three Dispatchers On Duty
News At A Glance
Twenty-Five Years Ago
Mobile Bowlers - Attention!
The Mail Train
Meet The Champs...
Former GM&O Employe Helped Quell Koje-Do Prison Riots
In The Service
"Railroads And Churches"
Celebrate Golden Wedding
Assistant Vice-President Thompson Is Back On Job
Pass Is Preserved for 71 Years
Along The Line...
Our Freight Business
Son "Tops" Father - Former Line President
September 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 9
3,517 KB
The Union Shop Issue
Aluminum Foils To Expand>
Orchid From Overseas
GM&O In Sat. Evening Post
G M & O Highway Post Office Is Filmed For Television
The Grain Train
Rates Expert Talks On Railroads
Meridian Scouts Like Gulf Transport
Heavy Trucks vs. Good Roads
Mail Is "Big Business" On The GM&O
News At A Glance
Meet the men who sell GM&O
G M & O Community Service During August
"Pasture Dream" Is Manufactured On Line
G. T. Safety Awards
The Staten Kids Write a Letter
Our Freight Business
October 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 10
3,463 KB
Mississippi Governor and GM&O President Discuss State's Development Program
Railroad Presentation Is First Of Series At Invitation Of A & I Board Directors
G M & O Is Host To Accounting Conference
Freight Claim Prevention
Eulogy For GM&O Attorney
Former Hostess Tour Manager For Maid of Cotton
In The Service
Seventy New Refrigerator Cars Place In Service
Railroad Anniversaries
"Whistle Stops" On G M & O
Recognized For Outstanding G. T. Safety Record
The Mail Train
News At A Glance
Hostess Featured In St. Louis Paper...
Working on the Railroad
Alton Bank Display Commemorates Railroad's Hundredth Anniversary
Gulf Transport Safety Awards
No Compliment
Along The Line...
Our Freight Business
November 20, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 11
3,948 KB
Three G M & O Executives Elected To Higher Corporate Offices By Board
Board of Directors Dedicates Portrait of Chairman Tigrett
Director Stout Is Honored
Line Papers Salute Railroad Promotions
Santa's Fifteenth Trip On Rebel Is Televised
Timely Topics
G M & O Chemists Find Answers In Bloomington Laboratory
G M & O Mother Is Jackson's Oldest
Roads And Loads
First Shipment Of Tools Leaves Tupelo Plant Via G. M. & O.
In The Service
Identical Twins Operate G M & O Train
Gloria Swanson Is Passenger
Heroic Action of Townspeople Saves G M & O Station
Gulf Transport Safety Awards
J. S. Armour Passes In Mobile
Along The Line...
GM&O Offers $300 Prize Money
GM&O Participates In Festival Activities
Our Freight Business
December 15, 1952
Vol. XXXI  No. 12
2,571 KB
A Christmas Message
New Orleans Power Unit Memorializes A. B. Patterson
Utilities Commissioners Act To Cut Passenger Deficits
Cardinal Manager In Off-Season Uniform
Annual Passes Extended
In The Service
A. F. Stephens Presents GM&O Farm Awards
Add A GM&O Boxcar
New Hostess
What Kind Of Roads?
Meet the men who sell GM&O
Santa Makes First Official Visit To Alton - Via GM&O
Mobile Plans Azalea Festival For February
Wonderful Talker
The Mail Train
Trainload Of Nursery Stock Leaves Via G M & O For Mexico
Hostess Betty Magee Gives Sidewalk Radio Interview
Along The Line...
Holiday's Eve On GM&O
Our Freight Business
January 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 1
3,603 KB
Associates Honor Sturdevant On Retirement
Corinth Machinery Company Acquires New Jersey Plant
Passenger Appointed
Brownsville Band Travels Via GM&O
Educational Programs In Forestry Pay Off
Chairman's Brother In Korea
Peake Ends Year As Club President
Gulf Transport Safety Awards
Meet the men who sell GM&O
News At A Glance
The Mail Train
Deep In Dixie
He's Allergic To Railroadin'
School Teacher Wins Emerald Pin For Service
Miniature Railroaders
New Orleans Fish Story
Chicago Daily Tribune Tells -
News From Railroaders On Leave
Scout Scholarships Presented
Our Freight Business
February 16, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 2
3,609 KB
The Union Shop
Railroad is Saddened by Loss of Two Officials
R. B. Weaver Named Passenger Traffic Manager
South American Engineers Visit GM&O
Trucks Too Heavy Now
C. W. Burrage is Agricultural Agent
Trenton Has Unique Collection
With Mechanical Force at Frascati Shops, Mobile
News At A Glance
Wisconsin Bound
C. E. Norris Heads Club
Rate Clerk is "Sailor of the Week"
The Mail Train
In The Service
Two Time Man
Along The Line
They Represent 148 Years of Railroading
Notes On The Inauguration
March 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 3
3,767 KB
GM&O Declares Dividends: Elects New Directors
Car Loading Down
Masonite President Named GM&O Director
GM&O Received Community Chest Citation
Alabama Girl Is Hostess
GT Buses In Picture Section
New Industry Begins Operations In Territory
Sam Wolfe Elected Clerks' Head
Associates Honor Bert Weaver In St. Louis
Bluestone's Tribute to Pass. Traf. Manager
I. N. Herrington is Supt. Mobile Terminals
News At A Glance
Supervisor Invents As Hobby
In The Service
Conductor McDonnell Retires
Cub Scouts Ride GM&O
Along The Line
A Silly Alibi
Their Counties Won Scholarships
"The Railroad Man"
They Make Their GM&O Parents Proud
The Mail Train
Exchange Students Remember GM&O
Soybean Winner
Engineer Preacher Reminisces
Runs Away by GM&O
Our Freight Business
April 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 4
3,696 KB
Director Campbell Is Reelected Member of U. S. Chamber
Chairman Tigrett Speaks At University
Thirteenth Annual Report Is Made To Stockholders
The White Rose Blooms Again
Post Tells of Tigrett Toys
Forestry Education Shows Results
Chicago Daily News Says:
Toy Box Car
Gulf Transport Awards
New Covered Hoppers
Fact and Fancy About Big Trucks
Along The Line
Who Gets Conscience Money?
Stephens Receives Plaque
Source and Disposition of Income-Year 1952
On The Job - East St. Louis Terminal
The Mail Train
Commercial Agent Appointed
Conductor Hull Leaves Ann Rutledge
Our Freight Business
May 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 5
3,727 KB
Rebel Meets Sunrise Deep in Dixie
Meridian To Commemorate Railroad Men With Ceremony Honoring Singing Brakeman
All GM&O Officers Re-elected At Directors' Organization Meet
Carlinville Welcomes Industry; Chairman Tigrett Is Speaker
Decoration Day
No Other Form Of Transportation Equals This Performance...
Col. Tigrett Commended For Korean Services
Jacksonians Re-trace Honeymoon Trip
GM&O Serves Two Great Ports
News At A Glance
Editor Interviews Engineer
Railroad Wife Is Worthy Grand Matron
The Mail Train
Lindbergh "Barnstormed" In GM&O Territory
Don't Ride a "Spook Train"
Murphysboro Musicians Come South
W. E. Barrett Promoted
Along The Line
In The Service
Along The Line In Pictures
Our Freight Business
Safety Awards
June 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 6
3,845 KB
Chairman Tigrett Receives Degree From Westminster College
Business Leader Says Young Men Have Opportunity
Railroad Men Memorialized In Roadside Park
Vice President Warren, Purchases And Stores, Celebrates 50 Years With Company
1,100 Gulf Mobile and Ohio Employees Receive Sickness Benefits In 1951-52
In The News At St. Louis
Mrs. G. M. White Is Mother By Proxy for G. I.'s In Japan
Lee County Home Improvement Winners Meet With Sponsors
During The Next Thirty Minutes...
Passenger Rep. Has Man-Sized Job
Railroad-Operated Packet Altona Sets Up-River Speed Record On May 14, 1853
The Mail Train
News At A Glance
G M & O Jaycees Plan Deep-Sea Rodeo
Along The Line...
Two Citizenship Awards In G M & O Families
Our Freight Business
In The Service
July 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 7
3,890 KB
Three Promoted In Traffic Department
Thirty Years of Service With GM&O for Vice-President DeNeefe
New Industry Is Slated For Monticello, Miss. On GM O
Chairman Tigrett Finds Hospitalized Employes Improved
J. Milton May Is Club President
Better Farm Homes Win G M & O Prizes
To The Next Seventy-Five Years!
Another Year Without Injury On District No. 4--And It's Fried Chicken Time!
Nancy Lyles Vows She'll Never
August 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 8
3,572 KB
Claim Agent Roberts Honored On Retirement
New Industry On GM&O At Columbus
U. S. Railroad Went To Japan With Perry
Vice-President Brock Heads Community Chest Campaign
Broad Question Answered: "How Wide Is A Communter?"
Long Time No See
Kellogg Winner Takes First Train Ride
Wouldn't You Like To See
In The Service
Employe's Son Whips Cerebral Palsy
News At A Glance
Why Five College Girls Chose Railroad Careers
Car Inspector Akin Retires
All Foresters Are Not Rangers
Jackson Fisherman Donates 300 Pounds For Fish Fry
Along The Line...
The Mail Train
The Car Ferry At Columbus, Kentucky
Our Freight Business
Three Rodeo Prizes Won By G M & O Fishermen
Annual Fish Story
Safe Driving Awards
September 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 9
3,805 KB
Warrior River Bridge Is Replaced
GM&O History Is Released
Changes In Operating Department
Chairman Tigrett Is Back In Office
T. V. Sutton Retires
Coffee Stops Motorists' Only Chance
Traffic Department Promotions
Promotions In Accounting Department
Railroad Superlatives
Railroad Fever
News At A Glance
Three Way Cooperation At Glasgow
GT Safety Awards
One Day's Catch
Bowling Season Opens In Mobile
Chief Train Dispatcher Vaughn Retires
"No Bad Boys In Okolona"-Youngsters Play Ball
He Wants Change For A Three Dollar Bill
A. F. Stephens Addresses Soybean Group
The Mail Train
Engineering Dept. Honors J.R. Cloy On Retirement
Along The Line
Our Freight Business
Commercial Agent Villar In Hospital
October 15, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 10
3,762 KB
The Golden Rule Applies To All Alike
Louisiana Purchase And Railroads
James Lemly's History Of GM&O Receives Recognition From Readers
Which One Speaks For You? The Big Trucker or The Private Car Owner.
Director Addresses Transportation Club
NOGN Director is Recognized for Civic Endeavors
Salute To Competition
Testimonial Luncheon for Hinkle
Who Sent the Check?
Railroad - Shipper Relationship Unique In Industry
Ninety Cast Steel Flat Cars Are Completed At Bloomington Shops
GM&O's Annual Report Wins Award In National Competition
William Keith Has Watched the River From Bridge Post For Nearly 27 Years
If the Railroads Had to Pay Their Taxes In Silver Dollars
Traveling Auditor C. L. Dismukes Dies
Operator's Picnic Becomes Annual Affair
New Hostesses
He Deserves To Be Proud
E. A. Hynes Passes In St. Louis
With The Camera Along The Line...
Our Freight Business
Drunk Story
Safe Driving Awards
In The Service
To Our Friends
November 16, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 11
3,751 KB
Jackson College Names Science Building In Honor Of GM&O Chairman I. B. Tigrett
Employee Ownership?
Employees Drawing Annuities
Barge Line Right-of-Way Opened Again-At Taxpayers Expense
Mississippi Papers Comment On Truck Problem
News At A Glance
Meet the men who sell GM&O
Trees Grow Money In Jones County
GT Safety Awards
Fifty Years Ago...
Funny Business On The GM&O
Railroad Sends Water To Help Fight Fire
The Mail Train
Along The Line...
It Is Not Always Easy
Our Freight Business
Director Rushton Named Chairman for Peace Luncheon
Supt. Berghegger Elected
They Lent A Helping Hand
December 21, 1953
Vol. XXXI  No. 12
3,474 KB
Chairman Tigrett Sums Up Year's Work: Looks Towards 1954
New Relay Passenger Station Is Opened In East St. Louis
GM&O Declares Extra Dividend On Common Stock
It's Christmas Seal Time
GM&O Model Illustrates "Road To Success"
Bogalusa And Jackson Employes Win Recognition
GM&O Advertisement Chosen For Exhibit
News At A Glance
Two Hundred Fifty Railway Business Women Convene In Mobile, Ala.
"The Best Is Yet To Be"
Job Not Work Railroader Says
The Mail Train
Will You Buy This?
Blanket Business At Bay Springs
You'll Find Tact On The GM&O
New Hostesses
The Forgotten Tombstone
Baby Boom In General Offices
Our Freight Business
In The Service
January 15, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 1
February 15, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 2
March 15, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 3
April 15, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 4
May 17, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 5
June 15, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 6
July 15, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 7
August 19, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 8
September 15, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 9
October 15, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 10
November 19, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 11
December 19, 1954
Vol. XXXIII  No. 12
January 19, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 13
February 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 2
March 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 3
April 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 4
May 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 5
June 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 6
July 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 7
August 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 8
September 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 9
October 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 10
November 15, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 11
December 19, 1955
Vol. XXXIII  No. 12
January 19, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 1
February 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 2
March 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 3
April 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 4
May 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 5
June 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 6
July 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 7
August 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 7
September 19, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 8
October 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 9
November 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 10
December 15, 1956
Vol. XXXIV  No. 11
January 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 1
February 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 2
March 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 3
April 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 4
May 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 5
June 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 6
July 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 7
August 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 8
September 15, 1957
Vol. XXXV  No. 9
Missing October 1957
Vol. XXXV   No. 10

Missing November 1957
Vol. XXXV   No. 11

Missing December 1957
Vol. XXXV   No. 12

Missing January 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 1

Missing February 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 2

Missing March 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 3

Missing April 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 4

Missing May 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 5

Missing June 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 6

Missing July 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 7

Missing August 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 8

Missing September 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 9

Missing October 1958
Vol. XXXVI   No. 10

Missing November 1958
Vol. XXXV   No. 12

Missing December 1958
Vol. XXXV   No. 12

Missing January 1959
Vol. XXXVI   No. 1

Missing February 1959
Vol. XXXVI   No. 2

March 23, 1959
Vol. XXXVI  No. 3
April 23, 1959
Vol. XXXVI  No. 4
Missing May 1959
Vol. XXXVI   No. 5

June 1, 1959
Vol. XXXVI  No. 6
July 1, 1959
Vol. XXXVI  No. 7
August 28, 1959
Vol. XXXVI  No. 8
September 30, 1959
Vol. XXXVI  No. 9
Missing October 1959
Vol. XXXVI   No. 10

Missing November 1959
Vol. XXXVI   No. 11

Missing December 1959
Vol. XXXVI   No. 12

January 30, 1960
Vol. XXXVII  No. 1
1,942 KB
Objective--More Business In 1960
Sales Rallies Are Held By Pres. Brock
22 Mid-Continent Offices At Chicago Meet
Bob Stevenson to Mobile
Traffic L. A. Tibor
Operations B. V. Brodie
Industrial T. T. Martin
Help Them With A Pleasant Word
And A Ready Smile For Customers
232 Years of Continuous Railroad Service In This GM&O Family
March 10, 1960
Vol. XXXVII  No. 2
1,927 KB
New Moels and New Transportation Mode; First Piggy-Back Movement for GM&O
Forlines To "Politic"
Carloadings For 1959
New Safety Record Set
Enough New Ties Installed To Completely Re-Tie Railroad
Train With a Purpose--On Time Delivery
On The Job
AAR President Calls For Passage Of Legislation Important To Railroads
Last Run For Veteran Engineer Bookstaver
Honored By Association
Heads United Fund
Alabama Colonel
Never Late For Work
Retirements -- Promotions In Traffic Department
Engineer Locher Retires
No Wonder The Hole-In-One
Report From Your Freight Claim Department
May 5, 1960
Vol. XXXVII  No. 3
1,792 KB
Spirit Of Jesse James Rides Western Division
Benefit Payments Hit New High For Year
Clancy Succeeds Hanlein
Freight Claim Prevention Meeting Held in Kansas City Local Agency
And They Were There
Rode Top Over River
Two Checks
When People Dreaded A 'Horseless Carriage'
Mr. U. S. Train Porter
Good Neighbor
Trains Get Public Attention In Parting They Never Had During Their Life-time
August 8, 1960
Vol. XXXVII  No. 4
1,676 KB
There's A Reason
The Morning Line-up At Venice
GM&O To Participate In Missile-Firing Train Tests
Governor On Industry
Appointed General Master Mechanic
Who Invented Cross-Tie?
Train Time
Mrs. Grace B. Brock
    "User Charges" Would Reduce Waste of Taxpayers' Money
    Bill Asks I. C. C. Aid in Waterway Studies
    Railroad Wages Take More of Gross Than Other Industries
    Inflation Hits Rail Cars, Too
    Typical Consist Of Freight Train
    Railroad Worker Three Times As Safe
Mississippi Fish Fry
Teachers Use Gulf
Hold Traffic Club Offices
Alert To Trouble
Circus Train Back Again
November 1, 1960
Vol. XXXVII  No. 5
1,983 KB
Government Should Not Go Unrepaid For Money Spent On Transport Facilities
GM&O Buys Carrier Racks To Regain Auto Business
GM&O's Annual Report Gets National Award
Hot Box Detector Joins System-Wide Train Watching Program
Tax Discrimination In 31 States Costing Railroads $141 Million Annually
Turning Back The Pages
Modern Civilization
Two Are Promoted; C. W. Peterson Retires
Your Pay Check
Piggybacks a coming
What Is A Suitable Car?
Railroad Dog Has Charge Account at Ice Cream Shop
His Mind on Right Track
Commuter Comments
Junior Rail Team
Ray of Sunshine
A Milestone For Many
Tragic Accident
February 3, 1961
Vol. XXXVIII  No. 1
20,684 KB
New GM&O Auto Rack Cars In Service
General Chairman Meet With Mr. Brock In Another One of Family Meetings
Equip 39 More Miles For Remote Train Control
New Director
H. O. Wolfe Is Manager Purchases and Stores
Two Vice-Presidents and Distinguished Careers
McCann Heads N. Y. Office
Supt. Miller Retires
Mr. Brock - Mobilian Of The Year
Honored By Traffic Club
Director Is Honored
Presidential Commission Studies Railroad Work Rules
May 1, 1961
Vol. XXXVIII  No. 2
22,612 KB
New Look In GM&O Freight Trains
Stockholders told industrial expansion outlook bright
Box Cars Temporary Homes For Flood Victims
New Box Cars Purchased And Are Now In Service
GM&O Awarded Judgment In Truck Crossing Case
New Superintendent
August 1, 1961
Vol. XXXVIII  No. 3
19,612 KB
R. R. Employes Urged To Join Hands Together
Economic Contribution
$4 1/2 Million Order Placed For New Freight Cars
/> L. L. Walker Passes Away
Two Promoted in Traffic
GM&O Director Speaks On Business Responsibility
Two New All-Time Records Set For Getting GM&O Tonnage Over Rails
Louisville Locomotive Shop Work Curtailed
Getting Rich
Chas. M. House Retires; C. W. Esch Succeeds Him
J. T. McIntosh Retires
District Storekeeper
New Motor and Time To Use It
Mason Brown Promoted
Agent Gets Service Award
On The Job
November 1, 1961
Vol. XXXVIII  No. 4
20,206 KB
475 New Freight Cars Hard at Work for GM&O
Second Hot Box Detector Is Installed On Line
Ivan H. Wente Is Named Assistant Vice President
Making More Empties For Revenue Loads
a middling good town
Soft Sell
Two Are Promoted In Traffic Department
Bruce Sutton Retires; Fiedler New DFTM
Engine Bell Will Replace War Drums
Main Street U. S. A.
Charles M. House
S. A. Dickson Retires; Two Others Promoted
Jensen Granted Leave; Miller Succeeds Him
Action Postponed On Hoffa-Backed Bill S-1197
River Dams For Barges -- Not Flood Control
Railroads' Legislative Proposals Before Commerce Secretary
RRB Reports On GM&O
Model Builders' Secret
Triple Play At Hornsby
February 15, 1962
Vol. XXXIX  No. 1
19,595 KB
GM&O Train First In St. Louis Tunnel
Only Sleeper Service
Happy To Help
Freight Car Program
Woman Of The Year
Damaged Freight Drives Off Business
Sympathetic Taxpayer
R. B. Weaver
Women Campaign
Leroy Was Here
Efficiencies Help Assure Strong, Useful GM&O Pay Check You Don't See
President Kennedy Asks For User Charges
Mobilian Retires
54 Years Of Service
Mobile Bowlers
James Corban Dies
May 15, 1962
Vol. XXXIX  No. 2
20,779 KB
St. Louis Youth Rides No. 33 -- As Birthday Present
82 New Industries Locate On GM&O During 1961
Bruce Pate is Appointed Passenger Traffic Manager
$271 From Each Family
Two Promoted At K. C.
Team-work At Tupelo
Saves Tot's Life
Track-side Friend
Just Like Old Times
Unregulated Carriers Haul 30% of Freight-Ton Miles
Expect Transportation Legislation This Session
I.C.C. Told Public Should Pay
Jimmy Conerly Enjoying Retirement; Gets Key To City Of Bloomington
Ten Strike
August 15, 1962
Vol. XXXIX  No. 3
19,297 KB
GM&O To Buy 20 New Diesel Locomotives And 400 Freight Cars In Equipment Program
GM&O and I.C. Make Joint Merger Feasibility Study
Good-Bye Chicago! Hello St. Louis!
Salesman, Too
New Hot Box Record
Jackson Beauty Queen Is GM&O Miss
Sports 50-Year Pin
Old Friends -- New Projects
Rail Travel Safest in '61
Bloomington Turns Out Chip Cars
Spikes Key
Big Rail Loss in Britain
November 15, 1962
Vol. XXXIX  No. 4
21,116 KB
GM&O Wins Top Safety Award
Two Top Promotions In Traffic Department
Tax Trend Still Up
Want You To Be Best Informed In Country, Pres. Brock Tells GM&O General Chairmen
Enshrine Plaques
Vice President L. A. Tibor
Jet Piloted Model T Leaves Road For Rails
Two Veteran Salesmen Die; Successors Are Named
Life Savers
Eleven Commandments of Good Business
February 27, 1963
Vol. XXXX  No. 1
19,752 KB
GM&O "Mass-ter" Movement Train
Tip Your Hat...Progress On The Move
More New Equipment
Cuban Alert
Star Salesmen
Take A Bow!
Help Farmers
Special's Observation Car Dais for Stepan Speakers
I. B. Tigrett Scholarship
Kennedy Urges Action
GM&O Goes For Business
Helping Hands
B. D. Casey
Engel Honored
Alabama Forestry Program
W. B. Burns Succumbs; Whitten Succeeds Him
June 1, 1963
Vol. XXXX  No. 2
20,311 KB
New Overwater Tracks Near Jackson
Paul Dorman Elected
GM&O Director Honored
Earn Greater Share in Abundance of America
To My Associates
New Traffic Control System Expands Rapidly
Mr. Brock is Honored as National Business Leader
President's Son Honored, Too
Best All-Around Boy
End The Barge's Free Ride
A Shot In The Arm
Changing Colors
GM&O Shows Gains
"Pete" Austin New AGFA In Traffic Promotions
Birthday Cake Train
September 3, 1963
Vol. XXXX  No. 3
14,321 KB
Tall And Friendly
Good Advice
$5,000,000 Train
Promotions Announced By Two Departments
Who Protects the Crossings?
Incubator as Memorial
Secretary Alert
Cited For Cuban Relief
Crossing Deaths Decline
Our Trains Run Beneath
New GP-35 s will speed Mass-ter Movement freights in GM&O coal hauling operation
RR's Vs. Fort Know
Widely Publicized
Leaves Safety Contribution
December 10, 1963
Vol. XXXX  No. 4
19,065 KB
Put The Bee On Lawmakers
GM&O Policy Sets Good Example
To Members of the GM&O Family
Bootleg Trucking
Brakeman Saves Child
Pres. Brock Tells N.Y. Security Analysts What Makes GM&O Tick And Where It Is Going
Not Talking About Troubles Today
About The Coal Train
New Locomotive Program 31% On The Way
"Off The Cuff And Beyond The Book"
Depreciation Guidelines Opportunity For Tax Savings
Local Tax Savings
Employes Finest In America
New Product From The Tree
Question Period -- Illinois Central Merger
C&NW Stock Sale
Truck Competition
Honored By Associates
Railroads Get Business
Alert An On The Job
Teamwork Returns Purse
John H. Currie
Railroads Spur Economy
Burrage Honored
April 10, 1964
Vol. XXXXI  No. 1
2,129 KB
I.C.C. Says Public Should Foot Bill For Safety Devices at Crossings
Promotions in Traffic Department
Lesson Won't Learn
New Chain Flat Cars
Verbeck Heads Purchasing
Makes More Cars
Custom House Cornerstone Secret Solved; Early Minutes of Railroad Revealed
Willing to Pay Fair Share
M. D. Carothers
H. O. Wolfe
Eagle Eye
Top Level Accounting Department Changes
An Ellipse
Chicago Tribune Writer Describes Pleasant Trip Aboard GM&O Trains
Ike Retires
J. B. Flock
X Marks The Spot
Smiling Greeting Sells
Time Now To Play
Railroad Cottage
Last of Laffey Trackmen
July 27, 1964
Vol. XXXXI  No. 2
19,848 KB
A. C. Goodyear
Seese Retiring
Ringnald Promoted
Industrial Water Asset
Pipas is Promoted
Browning in Timetable
Put Dollars to Work, Too
Time to Celebrate
Safe Worker Retires
Antique Gun Gift
J. W. Sturgeon
Efforts Acknowledged
Heads Rail Women
Keep Modern
Announced Purchase of New Cars
Winning Smile
Help Appreciated
Trackside Friends
1 Million Tons Of Coal Mined = 600 Jobs
Director Expands Plant
On the Job
N. O. Agent Retires
Garitty Succeeds
December 5, 1964
Vol. XXXXI  No. 3
19,888 KB
New $45 Million Paper Mil For GM&O
Christmas 1964
First "Mass-ter Movement" Train Operating
Appointed by Governor
New Tire Plant On Line
New Use For Pine
More New Equipment
Stieber GM&O Director
On College Board
W. E. Smith
World Trade President
Praises Crew
Ends 51 Years Service
A Freight Car Keep It Rolling
$111 Million Excess Taxes
Perfect Safety Record
Burrage is Honored
April 20, 1965
Vol. XXXXII  No. 1
1,229 KB
Piggyback a Versatile, Popular Service
Reason for Smiling
The Public Should Know Real Grade Crossing Story
Promising Pattern
A big Hand for G M AMP: O Salesmen in 39 offices all over U.S.
August 1, 1965
Vol. XXXXII  No. 2
1,934 KB
World's Largest Truck Gets Piggy Back Ride
Second Big Paper Mill For GM&O Territory
South Magazine Reported
To Officers and Employes:
GM&O Line to Paper Mill Takes Shape
Pittman Master Mechanic
GM&O's Vast Contribution to Mobile
Rails Help Build Port
Kelly New Traffic Officer
Per Diem
Prevent Trouble
Popular Passenger Man
December 20, 1965
Vol. XXXXII  No. 3
2,677 KB
Members Of The GM&O Family:
Mr. Brock at White House
Brazilians Visit G M & O
Too Often Take Railroad for Granted
"Packaged" Grain Hauls
Praises Bus Tour
Ends 42 Years of Service
Mississippi Unveils New Research Center
Big Attraction
GM&O Escapes Hurricane Damage; Pinch-Hits For Less Fortunate Neighbor
Plays Fair, Pays Fare
New World of Play
Some Busy Scenes On The Action Front
Recognize GM&O at Plant Ground Breaking Ceremonies
Paper Advocates Barge Tax
Leave Rails and Snow
Here's to the GM&O
In Appreciation
3 Generation Team Ends
May 15, 1966
Vol. XXXXIII  No. 1
1,903 KB
“Buying in Seller′s Market,” Pres. Brock
No Mistake in Pay Check
Testifies for A A R
Space Ship Speaker
Another Mass‐ter Movement Train For GM&O
Waterway Users
To My Associates
Honored at Springfield
Exceptional Service
“Big Reds” Attracting Wide Attention; New Road Fleet Will Soon Number 100
A Friend Indeed
Will Go Fishing
Woodland Winners
August 22, 1966
Vol. XXXXIII  No. 2
1,631 KB
Latest Purchases in Large Equipment Program
Joins Industrial Department
Pulpwood Users and Railroad Co‐operate For Faster Car Turn‐Arounds
Eleven Large Pulpwood Users in Territory
Equipment Purchased in Last Five Years
Project Engineer
Frank Taylor Retires
When The Rent Comes Around!
Biggest European Package Moves Special
Speaks to Claims Men
December 15, 1966
Vol. XXXXIII  No. 3
2,074 KB
Pres. Brock Addresses Forestry Association
Christmas 1966
Attend Forestry Association Dinner
Lens Lost, Friend Gained
Promotion Announced
First Train Ride For Many Youngsters
National Magazine Features G M & O (Railway Age Weekly Nov 21, 1966)
Conscience Money
Man of Many Hats
Attend Plant Ceremony
March 15, 1967
Vol. XXXXIV  No. 1
1,671 KB
Container Equipment Shown at New Orleans
Urges Vehicular Caution
Assistant Vice‐President
Senator Appreciative
Mobile Shops Quickly Convert 50 Hopper Cars to Large Wood Chip Cars
Two are promoted in Operating Department
Four Traffic Promotions
Beat Record Snowfall
New Steel Plant in GM&O Industrial Area
From the Past
The Four‐Way Test
Xmas Dinner For “Y”
Retirement Party For Two In Claims
Leaves Main Line
District Track Supervisor
Big Cake For Veterans
Lady Colonels
Largest Lumber Load
Fifty Year Pin
One in Five Defective
July 1, 1967
Vol. XXXXIV  No. 2
1,533 KB

October 15, 1967
Vol. XXXXIV  No. 3
1,631 KB

December 23, 1967
Vol. XXXXIV  No. 4
1,572 KB

April 1, 1968
Vol. XXXXV     No. 1
2,090 KB

July 15, 1968
Vol. XXXXV     No. 2

1,986 KB

October 15, 1968
Vol. XXXXV     No. 3

1,991 KB

December 20, 1968
Vol. XXXXV     No. 4

1,571 KB

May 1, 1969
Vol. XXXXVI     No. 1

1,833 KB

September 02, 1969Vol. XXXXVI     No. 2

1,892 KB

December 15, 1969
Vol. XXXXVI     No. 3 & 4

1,554 KB

July 1, 1970
Vol. XXXXVI     No. 1 & 2

2,057 KB

October 15, 1970
Vol. XXXXVI     No. 3

1,910 KB

December 23, 1970
Vol. XXXXVII     No. 4

1,756 KB

April 1, 1971
Vol. XXXXVIII     No. 1
1,579 KB
Try Flashing Light For Crossing Safety
Lends Assistance
Stuckey Promoted
Operating Promotions
New Diesels and Cars
Engineer Retires With Perfect Safety Record
Miss Peel Honored
Careful Switchman
Comments on News of the Day
How would you like to do 40% of the work for only 14% of the pay?
August 1, 1971
Vol. XXXXVIII     No. 2
1,718 KB
Keep The High Green Flying
Big Red Crews Change at Slater
Best in the Industry
Promotions Announced
New Style Safety First Flags Hoisted Over Mobile Terminal
GM&O Attitude
At Frascati Facility
A Page From The Past
Astro Program Gains Momentum
Real Old Rail Pro Retires
Growing Oxygen
Retires at Jackson
Safety First Finish
December 15, 1971
Vol. XXXXVIII     No. 3 & 4
1,843 KB
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!
Rails, Waterway and Truck Interests Join In Support of STA of 1971
Hickman Promoted
Traffic Promotions
A Real Friend
Roundhouse Hub of Factory Complex
Promotions Announced
Erskine B & B Head
Safety Comes First
Direct Chicago Terminal
"Who Benefits From Profits?"... An Answer From Pres. Nixon
Leaves Industrial Work
M of W Promotions
Writes Poem To Honor All Wives
Best Wishes for Parkers
April 5, 1972
Vol. XXXXIX  No. 1
3,191 KB
GM&O a Part of Docks Expansion Plans
New Equipment
Latest Merger Developments
Microwave Buildings for North End
Risks Life To Save Toddler on Tracks
Death of Mrs. I. B. Tigrett
Traffic Promotion
Safety Awards Presented in M of W
Nationalization No Solution
Paul Harvey Tells Forestry Facts
Asks More Road Funds For Crossings
Alert Foreman Stops Loose Car
Named Track Supervisor
Traffic Club Officers
Mechanical Dept. Promotions
Family Help
Piggyback Vice-President