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In this section visitors will find a reprinted article from the very first issue of the GM&OHS NEWS titled ‘A Condensed History of the GM&O’, written by Robert F. Schramm.  The overview will give readers the basic milestones concerning the evolution of the GM&O.  Accompanying this article is a full color corporate Family Tree/Flow Chart for the GM&O and predecessor lines.


Additionally, we are extremely fortunate to be able to direct visitors to an online edition of James H. Lemly’s definitive work on the history of the GM&O titled ‘The Gulf, Mobile And Ohio: A Railroad That Had to Expand or Expire’.  First printed in 1953, and just six years after the final configuration of the railroad was achieved, the book is a must read for any GM&O enthusiast.  Go to: .






Here can be found various maps of the GM&O system, its constituent  systems, and certain local or regional maps within those routes.  These pages are purposely made with larger than usual file sizes, so that the detail of the maps may be preserved.  Page loading times, and downloading/saving times will be longer, reflecting this feature.


Retired Employees and Genealogical Information  

The GM&O Historical society does not have archives or access to personal information regarding former employees of any railroads.  We suggest that persons seeking such information contact the Railroad Retirement Board.  Their website is at: .


Equipment  <This area under construction>

The intention of this overview of locomotives and rolling stock found on the GM&O is not to be a complete documentation of rostered equipment.  Rather, this section will provide examples of the various pieces of equipment that were part of the GM&O’s operations.  A short bibliography is included for those that wish to pursue more complete roster information on locomotives.


Stations and Locations <This area under construction>

The various sections of the Northern and Southern Divisions of the GM&O are presented here with station and milepost information.


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