GM&O Related Web Sites

John Morris' GM&O Memories site                                                             
Dr. Richard Leonard's GM&O site                        
George Elwood's Fallen Flags Photo Gallery                       
Fallen Flags Alton Steam Roster 1940                        
History of the 1947 Freedom Train                              
1947-49 Freedom Train Story                                                      
Tim Vermande's site GM&O page                                       
Jerry Appleman's site GM&O page                                                    
Skip's Railroad Depot GM&O pages             
Mississippi Rails--Miss. & Ala. page                                                
Mississippi & Alabama Railroad                         


Historical Societies and Museums

Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis HS                                          
Mobile & Bay Shore Railroad HS                                                
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad HS                                                                  
Museum of Transportation St. Louis                                            
Houston Gulf Coast Railroad Museum                      
                (GM&O Parlor Car 'Alton' restoration)
Monticello Railway Museum (GM&O caboose 2954 and SD40x 950)                         
Independence, MO Depot Museum.                                        Roscoe Misselhorn Museum, Sparta, IL (depot)                           
Citronelle (Ala.) Historical Preservation Society                                  



Denver Public Library -WesternHist coll. (search Otto Perry Collection)      
University of Southern Mississippi - spec.coll.
Mercantile Library - GM&OHS archives                  Guide to Glen P. Brock Papers    


NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites                                       


Missouri Depots - Look at C&A and GM&O areas           
Life Magazine 1949 images (Francis Miller)  


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