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GMOHS Membership

Want to become a Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio Historical Society Member?

Members of the GMOHS have special privileges such as:

1. Discounted Prices on Tables at our Annual Meeting

2. A GMOHS Chat Room exclusive to GMOHS Members

3. A yearly subscription of the GM&OHS News

4. "Sustaining and Benefactor Membership" holders are mentioned
once a year in the GM&OHS News.

Memberships are yearly and run from January 1st - December 31 st.
If a membership is purchased later than November 1st, the member
will not receive that years copy of the GM&OHS News.

Types of Memberships:

The "Annual Membership" provides membership into the GMOHS.

The "International Annual Membership" is for our international members (outside the U.S.)
seeking an "Annual Membership". (It cost more due to shipping.)

The "Senior Membership" is no longer offered and can only be renewed.

The "Sustaining Membership" is for members wanting to go beyond the
"Annual Membership" price and paying/donating between $50-99.

The "Benefactor Membership" is for members wanting to go beyond the
"Sustaining Membership" price and paying/donating $100 and up!

Buying/Renewing Membership Online:

Memberships can be Bought and Renewed online by clicking your desired
membership below and purchased without needing a Paypal account.

Annual Membership

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Senior Membership

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Sustaining Membership

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Buying/Renewing Memberships via Mail

Please follow the instructions to Buy/Renew memberships via Mail

1)Print off the Form

2)Complete the Form

3)Mail the Form (with the check) to: P.O. Box 138, Bucklin, MO 64631-0138


GMOHS is asked often about taking donations. While monetary donations can be made
via Paypal, the GMOHS does not accept physical donations, with the exception
of pictures and maps. Some members might accept physical donations, but we, as a society,